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At Solve, we specialize in managing IT systems for businesses. We can increase your company's productivity by helping you get the most out of your technology.


Your IT should be an infrastructure that not only grows with your business but stimulates your business growth.  With an outsourced IT agreement, you can have all the benefits of your own IT department without the cost.


No matter the project, from server upgrades to remote working set up and maintenance, Solve IT can help you dream it, plan it and implement it. Start dreaming bigger,  with Solve IT.


The biggest threat to your digital assets is human error. Through education and assessments, Solve can help with your IT security. Our multi-tiered approach to IT security helps keep you and your customers safe online.


The dark web can't be found on Google and typically requires software or instructions to access. When a hacker gains access to your digital identity they usually go to the Dark Web to sell them to the highest bidder.

Who We Are

Solve was started under the belief that your IT should be a help to you and your business, not add to the stress. As a result, we operate under three core beliefs that impact everything we do and say.

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Stuart Comfort

 Our State Magazine

"As a publishing firm, we are primarily a Mac shop. However, we have a few PCs and a PC server for accounting and subscription database apps. We recently needed to upgrade an outdated PC server and found Solve through a referral from our Mac consultants. [Solve] has been amazing to work with in the selection and integration of our new server. We now have a highly competent and dependable consultant to remedy any PC issues that may arise. I can’t recommend Solve enough!"