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Lenovo Malware Scare

Good morning everyone. The Japanese computer company, Lenovo, made the news in a big way this week. It was revealed that several models of laptops they released last year were bundled with a software called Superfish. 

Superfish was intended to be a shopping aid that helped you find items online even if you didn't know what they were called. But it backfired when hackers discovered they could use this software to hijack peoples web activity and traffic. Needless to say if you have this software on your computer it needs to be removed immediately!

If you're not sure if this applies to you, you can go to to this website on your Lenovo and it will check your computer and let you know if you are safe or not. If it detects that you are not safe it will give you detailed instructions on how to remove it.

As always the purpose of these newsletters is to inform and to empower so feel free to forward this to anyone that you know(especially if they recently bought a Lenovo). Feel free to reply with any questions or concerns.

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