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Norton Users Beware

A few weeks ago the company Symantec (producers of Norton, a well known anti-virus) was found to have vulnerabilities and bugs in their code. This code is found in over twenty-five of their products, and has the potential to do massive damage to your computer, network, or server. It has the potential to cause failure in your computer that leads to what is commonly known as “blue sceen” or “blue screen of death”.

What can I do?

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    I recommend that you immediately switch to a different anti-virus product such as; Avg (Free or Paid) or Malwarebytes (Premium). Why switch? The company was aware they were using seven year old libraries in their unpackers, it’s possible they are using outdated information for other parts of their product.1
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    Don’t want to switch? Make sure that you update your product to the latest version as Symantec has published updates to address the vulnerability.
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    Several of our customers have found comfort signing up for our Safe Surfer Initiative. When you sign up you get one year of AVG Antivirus, quarterly virus checks and PC maintenance. You can learn more here.




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