Android Now Has its Own Security System

It's called "Play Protect". Android began making it available to Android phones and tablets and mid May. It's built into the Android system and is meant to be a security system for your phone and tablet so you don't have to go on the app store and find a good third party one.
Here's how it works:

•It scans all apps on the app store before they're downloaded to make sure they're legit. It also periodically, scans apps that are already on your phone for viruses or malicious activity.
•It also monitors apps downloaded from third party sources. If it detects that an app is malicious, it will disable it or alert the user about it.
•It uses an anti-theft feature called "Find My Device". It will allow you to locate your lost or stolen device and if you're unable to recover it, you can perform a remote wipe for all data on that device.
•It has a safe browsing feature that prevents users from browsing to harmful websites on their mobile devices.

You can find out if you have this feature on your version of Android by going to:
Settings>Google>Security>Verify Apps

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the most insecure part of a companies security profile.
If you don't have a mobile device policy enforced through either Office 365 or G Suite, I would highly recommend making sure any phones that have company data on them have these features enabled.

About the Author Tim Dixon

Tim Dixon is the owner of Solve IT Security.