Are Passwords the Bane of Your Existence?

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We all know and “love” the general rules we have to follow when creating a password for a new site or program:

•Capital and lowercase letters
•Special characters
•A total of at least 8 characters
•A index finger of your first-born son

The above may be a slight stretch, but you know the usual. Just remember that these rules help to keep hackers from cracking that confidential password and getting into your information. These are easy rules to follow; but difficult passwords to remember. However, for the past several years, password managers have become a useful component for business as well as the personal computer use. Below, are several great applications for password storage:

Password - I have used 1Password personally, with great ease. At about $3/month, I could access all my passwords with one master password from my iPhone, tablet, and PC browsers, like Google Chrome.

LastPass - At $12 per year, LastPass 4.0 Premium is on the low side for a commercial password manager price-wise, but on the high side feature-wise. It spotlights on syncing passwords across all your devices, powerful multi factor authentication, and automated password changing.

Dashlane - Its automated password changer handles many popular sites, and advanced features like emergency access and secure sharing, which keep Dashlane at the top of the heap. It is famed for its slick interface and ease of use. Although it does have a $40/year premium version, it seems they have a free version for use as well.

If you find yourself constantly having to change your passwords due to forgetting them , or misplacing that magical password sticky note, a password manager may be an unknown necessity.

About the Author Tim Dixon

Tim Dixon is the owner of Solve IT Security.