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If you own a Dell PC or laptop you might want to keep reading. Dell offers a nifty tool called Dell System Detect from their support website. You install it and it scans your computer to tell you what drivers and software you need for your computer. Great right?

Well it was discovered not long ago that once you've installed that program and used it, it keeps running in the background even though it doesn't need to be for everyday use. And if you go to a website with "dell" anywhere in the name, hackers can remotely run scripts and programs on your computer to gather personal information or damage your computer. A group of tech's tested this and went to "" and were able to open several programs on a computer with Dell System Detect on it.

Now within the last couple of months Dell has released a newer version of the program that fixes this issue. But if you have an older version of the software you're going to want to remove it.

If you want to see if you have it installed and then remove it, follow one of the links below for your version of Windows on how to uninstall a program:

Windows XP:

Windows 7:

Windows 8:

Once you're at the list of programs you have installed, just look for Dell System Detect. If you see it click remove or uninstall. It won't impact the everyday use of your computer. If you're confused or have any questions feel free to get in touch with me at my contact page.

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