Microsoft Office 2007 End of Life

All Microsoft products must come to an end. Microsoft's term for that is called "End of Life". When a product reaches it's "Extended Support End Date". That means that Microsoft will no longer release security updates for that product and any new products that are released will not be supported to work with the older one.

So based on those two factors, it can be costly to continue to run software that is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Office 2007 will reach it's End of Life on October of 2017.
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That means that Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook 2007 will no longer be supported or receive security updates from Microsoft.

If you're a contract business customer with us you should be receiving an email from us soon to start making plans to migrate away from that software. If you do not have a contract with us you'll certainly want to make arrangements to update that software before October. Cheers!

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