IT Security and Backups

As more and more of our lives and livelihoods rely on technology, the stakes keep going up. That is why we have a multi tiered approach to IT security to keep your business and customers safe. We don't have a cookie cutter. Each of our security solutions are tailored to each of our clients.

Vulnerability Assessment

​We offer penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to all of our clients. Not just to evaluate their exposure, but also to develop a plan to minimize that exposure.

Employee Training

​Did you know that most of all data leaks and hacks are related to employees? Not only can we train employees but we can do regular testing to see which of your employees are clicking on emails and links they shouldn't be.

Disaster Recovery

​Strong backups and a plan to recover those backups is the single best way to keep downtime at a minimum in the case of a disaster.

No matter the project size, Solve IT can help. With upfront pricing, consistent communication and ongoing support, Solve IT has quickly become the go-to company for IT Services in the Triad Area and beyond. If you're ready to start a new project or need help with an existing system, we would love the opportunity to work with you.